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Mar 12, 2020

The Psychology Behind Why Women Gamble

Gambling can be addictive and destructive, especially for people who turn to the tables and slots to get away from the stress of daily life. While many women may initially enjoy the glitz and glamour of Casinos, the mindsets leading them down a path to compulsive gambling are typically quite different than men. 

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Feb 19, 2018

Women Gamblers & Depression

Many women who are showing signs of compulsive gambling disorder do not seek help, nor do their friends and family push them to get help. This is partly due to the fact that women with gambling disorders often started gambling as a way to escape other problems that were weighing them down. Divorce, loss of a family member, unemployment or other traumas can be difficult to deal with and escaping into games, or video lottery terminals, is an easy way to avoid the reality and depression that they may be facing.

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Dec 13, 2017

Can Women Become Compulsive Gamblers?

Problem gambling can sometimes be thought as an issue that’s mostly for men, but the number of women gamblers is increasing and should not be ignored. Gambling destroys lives equally, regardless of gender.

Compulsive gambling can be triggered by a range of factors that differ for everyone, but there are certain common challenges that women face which tend to contribute more than others. Here’s a look at how and why some women become compulsive gamblers.

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Oct 5, 2017

Facts About Women and Compulsive Gambling

When it comes to problem gambling, we often we often think of it as being primarily a problem for men. However, the number of women gamblers is increasing. In fact, according to the National Council on Problem Gambling, among problem gamblers ages 45 to 64, women outnumber men.

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Mar 7, 2017

Compulsive Gambling & Women

As much as 3% of the American population could be diagnosed with a gambling addiction and although it has been historically dominated by men, gambling has become increasingly popular among women. Recent studies revealed gender-specific differences in age, lifestyle, preferences, and behaviors. Let’s look at the factors that influence women’s gambling addiction.

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