The Importance of Post-Treatment Support

Gambling rehab can be a life-changing event. Individuals that complete our residential treatment gambling-specific program find success with improved outcomes and even higher results when followed-up with gambling informed aftercare. At Algamus, clients do not only discover the root-cause of their gambling, they also learn about gambling disorder severity and potential risk factors while addressing the underlying and related issues. During this time, clients develop new competencies to support and sustain recovery. Our team has developed a platform for learning which provides gambling disorder specific resources to build a foundation and a life without gambling.

Repairing the Damage Caused by Gambling

With 28 years of experience working with individuals and their families, we understand the magnitude of destruction caused to relationships, stressful environmental factors, financial difficulties, work-related issues, and trust issues in areas damaged by the effects and consequences of gambling disorder.

Maintaining abstinence from gambling post-treatment will require work by the individual. At Algamus, we have comprehensive and individualized post-treatment plans which identify and address potential triggers as well as techniques and tips on how one can cope with these environmental situations.

At Algamus, your aftercare planning starts immediately upon your arrival at our treatment facility. During your stay, our team will develop an individualized aftercare, gambling specific plan that changes as you transition into your recovery. We meet reintegration with the same philosophy in mind. Our team will develop a plan to meet and balance your work and life needs. As with many individuals, your needs change as you further transition into recovery. Therefore, we will be here for you when that time comes. As part of the Algamus family, you are not alone.

Your aftercare discharge folder will include all your medical records, clinical information collected by your primary therapist, including the relevant aftercare plan. Your aftercare plan is the blueprint necessary for your sustained sobriety.

Maintaining Connection

As you transition back into your surroundings, our client care team will schedule a call to you at the end of your first week, first month, three months, six months, and one year, to help you address whatever challenge you may be faced with.

Gambling Specific Aftercare Helps Prevent Relapse

Though our culture is obsessed with quick fixes, sustained support is essential to long term recovery. Data validates in the gambling setting, that the longer an individual is in treatment, the lower his/her chances are of relapse. However, all individuals seeking a life free of gambling must take responsibility for their recovery from demonstrating commitment, to showing perseverance.

Find Aftercare Treatment in Your Area

Algamus maintains relationships nationwide with experienced professionals. This includes trained clinicians in a private practice setting, local outpatient treatment, and a problem gambling coach – navigator. Our network of support is highly educated on gambling disorder and have experience working with individuals and families as they transition into their environment and surroundings. Also included in your aftercare plan is a list of Self-Help resources. Self-help groups are available to support people experiencing gambling problems, as well as their loved ones, and Algamus also has long-term relationships with Gamblers Anonymous International.

Gambling Treatment Preferred Provider Support