6092_7651_Hiking_Telluride_Colorado_md.jpgAlgamus has been providing treatment for gambling disorders since 1992.

Our mission is to create an environment for our clients in which they begin to feel safe enough to slow down and begin healing the effects of addictive gambling on themselves, their loved ones, and even friends/employers.

Algamus is one of the only residential gambling treatment programs in the United States that treats gambling and only gambling. Many on our staff are in recovery from gambling disorder and understand the unique issues surrounding the gambling. We are an intimate program and our staff to patient ratio is almost one to one.

Our 30-day+ residential program gently guides the addicted gambler into a place of acceptance and empowerment to make the behavioral changes needed to create a life free from gambling and other addictive behaviors. Some of our treatment modalities include:

  • Cognitive & behavioral therapy
  • 12-Step programs like Gamblers Anonymous
  • Enneagrams
  • Somatic Release
  • Outdoor Stress Reduction Groups

Our clinicians and internationally certified gambling counselors use a 12–Step model accompanied by many other modalities to help our clients recreate the lives that have crashed down around them. Beyond daily groups and frequent individual sessions with a primary therapist or counselor, clients will participate in day trips to surrounding areas like Sedona, and a fitness regimen that includes a gym membership.

We also offer a family program because a strong support system is critical in supporting recovery. Algamus offers family sessions to create strong networks and help the healing process.

At Algamus, we also focus on using exercise as a part of addiction treatment.

For many of our clients, gambling disorder has created financial strain on the individual and the family. We are happy to accept most commercial insurance plans to ease the financial burden of getting help. Check to see if your insurance provider is accepted

All of the above is offered in a beautifully appointed family-style lodge located in the pines of Prescott, Arizona.

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