Gambling Treatment ServicesAlgamus Gambling Treatment Services, founded on beautiful Anna Maria Island, Florida, has it's residential location in the historic district of Prescott, Arizona. This facility is dedicated to the recovery of disordered gamblers and families.

The residential treatment center is founded by an ICGC-II/CPGC director, in cooperation with psychiatric, psychological, spiritual, and financial therapists and other ICGC-I and ICGC-II counselors. The facilities provide a serene, living environment that is gambling free, drug free and alcohol free.

The length of primary treatment is based on individual client diagnosis and assessment. The average length of this initial phase is 4-8 weeks depending upon individual needs.

Algamus is modestly priced and accepts insurance from most commercial insurance companies. Our residential gambling addiction treatment community deals directly with the specific needs of the compulsive gambler. In addition to certified gambling counselors, medical and psychiatric advisers, local gym membership facilities also are available to each resident. Family treatment and intervention services, as well as exercise programs, are also provided.

In the outpatient/transitional living phase, the program is steeped in a recovery-based environment where residents are provided with an opportunity to work in the community and attend 12-Step meetings while continuing the therapeutic process.

In our Prescott transitional living facility, the compulsive gambler will have a great opportunity to practice early recovery and be surrounded by other recovering gamblers working hard to do the same.