Our 30-Day+ Residential Treatment Program for Gambling gently guides a compulsive gambler into a place of acceptance and empowerment. From here they can make the behavioral changes needed to create a life free from gambling and other addictive behaviors.

Our Masters Level Addiction Therapists and Nationally Certified Gambling Addiction Counselors utilize a 12-Step model to help our clients recreate the lives that have crashed down around them.

Beyond daily group sessions and some individual therapy with a primary gambling addiction therapist or counselor, Clients will have the options to participate in alternative therapies, day trips to surrounding areas like Sedona, and a fitness regimen that includes weekly yoga sessions to enhance mindfulness.

All of this is offered in beautifully appointed residences located in the cool pines of Prescott, Arizona. Algamus Gambling Treatment Services is proud to be one of the best values in inpatient treatment for problem gambling anywhere in the United States. Most commercial insurance accepted

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