Professional Testimonials

“Life based on luck can lead to frustration and loss of everything we possess: family, friends, and even life itself. ALGAMUS can help us see ourselves as we really are, learn the twelve steps of recovery and win back those whom we love.”

– Msgr Joseph A. Dunne, Founder of the National Council on Problem Gambling


Client & Family Testimonials

My very first group meeting at Algamus, there were about a dozen other men and women from all across the country. And one by one, every single one of them is talking about how they processed gambling, emotionally and mentally, and they took every single word verbatim out of my mouth. I didn’t think I had a problem. I just thought no one else understood that I was so good at gambling. Now I’m blessed today. I have not wagered in any way, shape or form in over two years, and I’m proud of that.
- Craig C.

“I just wanted to let you know that Lynn reached one year of recovery from his gambling addiction today, and to thank everyone connected with Algamus for the great program that you have. Each day is a gift to both of us, and we will be forever greatful for the tools that he was given at ALGAMUS that allow him to travel the road to recovery each day. We are both convinced that had he not gone to ALGAMUS one year ago, our lives would be much different today.”

-Vickie and Lynn

"I attended the Algamus rehab program. They have professionally trained therapists that each specializes in areas that I needed to work on in my process of fighting my gambling addiction. I tried to overcome my addiction without any success. That included two previous rehabs. One of the things that also makes the Algamus program stand out is that they are exclusively dealing with gamblers. I am very blessed that I now have 2 1/2 years of recovery and I finally have some peace and serenity.  Thank you Algamus."

-Sharon L

"It has been just over five years since I spent 40 days at Algamus in Prescott. It was a very difficult time but made much simpler through the gentle coaxing, teachings, therapies and friendships provided and made through a unique understanding and shared experience of gambling addiction. 

Algamus saved my life and my family. It has taken a few years to earn back the trust and respect I had lost, but I am blessed to be healthier and happier than I would have believed possible. 

A special "Thank you" to Rick Benson and crew. I am humbled by the work you do."

-Anne A.


"This treatment program made me enthusiastic about my life again."



"This program works if you're willing to be open, honest, and willing to accept feedback."



"The courage and strength it took to be where I'm at today makes me want to say, 'I love Algamus.'"



"Everything was helpful."



"I feel like I've found myself again here."



"I feel positive about the future"