Our Residential Gambling Treatment Facilities

Nestled in the Beautiful Prescott Valley

Overcoming problem gambling doesn't have to be done in a cold, inpatient facility alongside those dealing with drug addiction. Our gambling specific treatment center is a comfortable lodge in Prescott Valley in Arizona where you will receive help from counselors with extensive experience with problem gambling and process addictions. Many on our staff are in recovery from gambling addiction and understand as few do the unique issues surrounding the gambling disorder. We are an intimate program and our staff to patient ratio is almost one to one.

Some of our Arizona gambling treatment center features:

  • Low client-to-therapist ratio;
  • The only JACHO accredited gambling treatment facility;
  • Highly individualized treatment;
  • Dual-diagnosis approach where the addiction and it's source are addressed;
  • Over 24 years of success;
  • Integration with Gambler's Anonymous and the 12-step model;
  • A serene location at our comfortable home in the Arizona mountains;
  • Accepts many commercial insurance plans.
Get Help and Stop Gambling