Recover Strong Addiction Program

Gambling addiction treatment can be stressful and challenging. Finding a healthy outlet is incredibly valuable to deal with that stress. Most addiction treatment programs are focused on building a healthy mind and we've found that a focus on a healthy body is, for many people, incredibly important as well. At Algamus, we are very excited to be able to offer the Recover Strong program which focuses on using exercise as a part of addiction treatment.

The Recover Strong program is designed to help you balance your mental and physical health together. It utilizes sound principles from psychology, sociology and brain science to teach people the positive approach for self regulation. With the involvement of mental health therapies and intense physical exercise, this program improves:

  • the brain to handle stress, anxiety and depression
  • an individuals social well being and self esteem.

Recover Strong Uses Intense Physical Exercise During Treatment

Our certified team of counselors and therapists provide continuous moral support, making our clients get stronger at every step and that helps them destroy their relationship with the addictive behavior. We allow individuals to learn about themselves very differently compared to what traditional gambling addiction therapy offers. 

Your recovery journey can be represented as challenging climb up a  steep mountain path. Every person struggling with gambling addiction and mental health issues has a different mountain to climb. Despite the varying sizes of mountains for individuals, what remains constant is the difficult and seemingly impossible task of navigating the path. It is clear that a healthy mind and a healthy body are required for this journey. Recover Strong is designed to get our clients mentally and physically ready for this challenging journey.

By increasing the community support for a person and helping them try something beyond their comfort zone, the Recover Strong program aims to help our clients build resilience towards addiction and give them the power to stay positive while they embark on their path to recovery. 

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