Ecotherapy for Gambling Addiction

Ecotherapy will connect you to your authentic self and provide a safe and effected container to heal the underlying pain of your gambling addiction. Ecotherapy stems from the belief that people are part of the web of life and that our psyches are not isolated or separate from the natural world. For 50,000 generation humans have lived with the rhythms of the natural world, evolving both psychologically and physically. It has only been in the last 500 generations have humans undergone a psychological severance from nature, which is the root cause of addiction, depression, anxiety, and modern-day mental health issues.  

backlit-bright-dawn-697243-1Our ecotherapy program provides you the opportunity to make a lasting connection with the earth and its systems, which is at the core of ecotherapy. Our experienced and trained therapist will guide you into the experience of the Earth’s self-righting capacity, which operates through complex systems of integrated balance. When you harmonize with these systems, the outcomes are lasting improved mental health and wellbeing. 

There is deep reciprocity between personal health and planetary well-being. Research is demonstrating that nature is a valid intervention for healing. Spending only a half hour day in nature will lower concentrations of cortisol, lower pulse rate, lower blood pressure, increase parasympathetic nerve activity, and lower sympathetic nerve activity, and improve overall personal well-being. 

We offer a unique process of ecotherapy that addresses the root cause of addiction as well as the psychological and spiritual conditions of individuals and culture. Blending the therapeutic practices and principles of ecopsychology, gestalt therapy, and depth psychology with traditional therapies, we offer a holistic approach that surpasses all others. This process will support you in developing the internal resources to transcend your addiction and cultivate a life of meaning and purpose.

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