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If you have a gambling problem and are looking to get help, given the current situation with COVID, you may be asking yourself why you would want to enter a residential treatment center like Algamus in Prescott, Arizona.  

Necessary & Safe Treatment

Similar to a medical condition, gambling addiction is a problem that needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later. If you needed heart surgery, you would go to the hospital, even during COVID right?  You have a progressive disease that needs to be dealt with.  I've had a number of people say to me that they've been laid off and it's not a good time, but in fact, even if you've been laid off if you still have insurance, it could be the best time to do this.  You've got some time on your hands and don't need to worry about missing work.  

I've also heard a few concerns from people about safety due to COVID.  We are in a very beautiful rustic and rural lodge near Prescott Arizona, and no one has tested positive for COVID in Prescott, Arizona.  The local gyms are closed, but there is lots of hiking and walking to do in the area.  Also, we are following all CDC guidelines for dealing with COVID.  When you arrive, we will take your temperature, and if you have a fever, we will respond appropriately.  We do not require residents to wear masks, as once you're in our program you're part of the family  


We've also had some concerns voiced about transportation, and traveling here in an airplane.  Air travel continues to happen, and in general is quite safe, especially if you choose an airline that keeps the middle seat open and of course you wear a mask.  If you don't want to get on an airplane then you can always drive.  We recently had 2 clients drive to our facility, one from Texas and one from Nebraska. If you do fly in, you have a couple of options.  You can fly directly into Prescott.  There are flights from LAX or Denver to Prescott.  We will pick you up at the airport for no extra charge.  You can also fly into Phoenix and we can provide private transportation to our facility for a small extra charge.  

If you have tried Gamblers Anonymous and/or counselling for your gambling addiction and it just hasn't worked for you, I urge you to consider our Residential Treatment center.  Our success rate is far higher than any other option out there.  

At Algamus, we are an intimate program and or staff to patient ratio is almost one to one. Clients have the opportunity to share and heal, surrounded by other people in gambling recovery who can relate to their struggles.  Ready to start healing?  Reach out today.

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Rick Benson

Written by Rick Benson

Rick founded Algamus Recovery Centers in 1992. A Cornell University graduate, Rick is an Internationally Certified Gambling Counselor (ICGC-II) and a Canadian Problem Gambling Counselor (CPGC). Algamus and Rick were featured on the very first episode of Intervention on the A&E channel.