Algamus founder and CEO Rick Benson speaks about counselling and gambling-specific residential treatment in the beautiful and safe mountainous setting of Prescott, AZ. Learn about the benefits of Algamus' residential treatment program with a 67% success rate compared to other types of treatment.

You will learn about:

  • The major benefits of residential in-house therapy treatment
  • How to begin treatment without having to quit your job
  • Answers to common objections and myths around gambling therapy treatment
  • How to make the Algamus program work for you to help you overcome your gambling addiction and avoid relapses.

We serve men and women from all walks of life and all types of gambling addiction: sports, poker, table games, slot machines, and more. We help our patients begin a new life that is no longer gripped by gambling. Since we focus only on gambling addiction, we understand the unique experience of our patients' financial and legal woes better than other rehab programs focusing on drugs and alcohol.

We work with most commercial insurance providers and depending on your insurance partner and your plan, your problem gambling treatment program may be covered by insurance


In this second video, Rick Benson tells us more about Algamus, one of the only gambling disorder residential treatment centres in the country.  Rick also highlights the impact that a gambling addiction can have on the other members of the family, and that about half of the referrals that come to Algamus come from family members.  He answers some of the questions that family members may have:

  • Why do we need to spend more money after having given them so much already?
  • Is a gambling disorder about moral weakness?
  • What do I do if someone in my family has a gambling disorder?

Watch now for answers to these and other questions.  And reach out here if you'd like to speak to someone.